Remote Switching Solutions

The ‘NoWyr’ X Connect series, is a range of compatible products that allow radio remote switching of electrical loads in commercial and industrial environments. Currently being used in many industrial applications the range is constantly evolving to suit the ever increasing demands of our customers and the environments they work in.


All these products can provide positive feedback to the sending transmitter so that reception of the signal can be confirmed. Independent timers and ‘watch dog’ are available where communication integrity is important.



The units benefit from incorporating the high performance, highly selective transceiver radio modules designed and manufactured by PHS Electronic Solutions.



Click here for more info on the RF Transceiver Module


The systems combine standard hardware, offering the cost and availability of a volume produced product, with simple software configuration, providing a readily available custom solution. The customer can specify the particular requirements and the system can be software configured and despatched same day.

Systems can be powered from battery, low voltage (10-24V ac/dc) or directly from mains 240V ac. The units have 10 Amp volt free changeover output contacts. Supplied in standard two or eight channel configurations the user can control as many outputs as they wish either together or independently. All units are supplied in IP65 rated enclosures. The units can be triggered from a fixed sender (triggered by normally open or normally closed contacts or an applied voltage) or from battery powered transmitters.

The system can provide operation in excess of 1km, dependent on application and RF specification. As we can relay a signal from one unit to the next we can always find a solution to meet your requirements.

To complement the system ‘Nowyr’ also offer a complete GSM based text message switch and alarm detection system controlled directly from your mobile phone. The system is supplied ready to use, including IP65 rated enclosure, aerial and sim-card. The unit can be supplied from 10-24v ac/dc or 240v mains. The unit has 10 Amp volt free changeover output contact and opto-isolated input.

Click the links below to read more about the ‘noWyr’ product range, but bear in mind that the units are fully programmable and interchangeable so please contact us to discuss your requirements.