‘NoWyr’ ISM Radio Transceiver Module

ISM Band Radio Modules

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The RFM is a highly integrated, user programmable wireless UHF transceiver module with synthesized channels in the 434MHz, and 869MHz ISM Bands, using half duplex FSK modulation.

The embedded firmware allows the user to simply provide a 3.3V supply and input/ output hardware.


It has been conceived and designed as a no-compromise product, offering double conversion superheterodyne technology, a front end SAW filter and LNA, a –40ºC to +85ºC industrial temperature range, high output power and high receiver sensitivity (5km range attained at 434MHz and 2km range attained at 868MHz for narrow band), serial RS232 communication, error free addressable data packeting and exceptionally small in size (L49mm, W16mm, H7mm)


If this were not sufficient the user can program many parameters and features from a PC using supplied comprehensive software, including operating frequency to 200Hz resolution, output power, receive gain, squelch levels, frequency deviation, over-air baud rate, user baud rate, NRZ or Manchester encoding and a range of data packeting options. ‘Ping’ mode and ‘loop back’ software allow the user to evaluate ‘real world’ performance. The user can also select many input/output switching options.








Factory options include wide (up to 14,400kbps) or narrow (up to 9600kbps) band variants in 434, 868 MHz bands, and removal of the normally fitted SAW filter.


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